Kauai Gymnastics Academy is a member of USA Gymnastics and AAU.  We don’t compete in the USAG system, but starting in 2016, we began taking select members of our highest level team to compete in the AAU system at the MegaMeet.  In 2009 we also began a Pre-Team class that is by invitation only. Promising gymnasts are invited to hone their skills with the eventual hope to be added to one of our teams.

The teams compete in several Squad meets a year where they are judged against their own levels, not other teams. At the end of the Spring Session, each team has an Exhibition for their parents and relatives followed by a Pot Luck Dinner and Awards Ceremony. See pictures on the “In The Gym Fun” page.

The teams host an exhibition for parents, relatives, locals and visitors every year at nearby Kukui Grove Shopping Center. This event is typically held the Sunday before Christmas. Also see “In the News”.

The teams perform at local events such as the Pop Warner Kick-Off Weekend 2006, the 2006 Hanama’ulu Town Festival, and the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Kauai County Farm Fairs. They also have performed at some of the local schools, like Island School. If your island school would like us to come, contact Coach Kay. We have a fabulous air4tumble floor that makes it easy!



Iki Hui

(Small Team)

Front Row above

Photo – December 2016
(photo & list do not match)

Level 3

Chloe Ayonon
Nohea Judd
Tia Kawamura
Misa Mycynek
Adia Majtyka
Lashya Masuda
Bonnie Nagahisa-Lingaton
Sofia Saunders
Chloe Waipa

Level 4

Jessica Crawford
Larissa MacKnight
Grace Seah
Koko Seed-Arita

Hoku Hui

(Star Team)

Middle Row above

Photo – December 2016
(photo & list do not match)

Level 5

Raja Counts
Anais Offley
Malia Wehner
Mailani Yamamoto

Level 6

Kazlee Ishikawa
Ella Parsons
Hailey Ragasa
Alyssa Taguiam

Kula Hui

(Gold Team)

Back Row above

Photo – December 2016
(photo & list do not match)

Level 7

Hi`ilawe Banasihan
Savannah Hubbard
Shalene Rosa
Haley Zina

Level 8

Olivia Dilley
Kozlyn Ishikawa
Madison Welsh
Loikena Yamamoto

Level 9


Level 10

Ashlynn Questin
Ashley Ricciardi
Mia Ricciardi
Angela-Rhey Ventura